We approach each interaction with a goal of building rapport, building trust and creating space for self-evaluation and reflection. The most critical of these approaches being self-evaluation and reflection because it will provide the individual with the opportunity to critically examine the role they play in perpetuating harmful narratives and inequitable policies and practices within their organizations and in their systems-change efforts and will ultimately empower them to identify ways they can disrupt these harmful narratives, policies, practices and seed systemic change.

Our primary role will be that of consultative thought partner, advisor and accountability partner, helping the individuals and organizations identify gaps, recognize their strengths and challenge/push them to move past their comfort zones.

We believe that adopting a racial equity framework and practice is an approach to the world that involves many components including analyzing data and information about race and ethnicity; understanding disparities and learning why they exist; looking at problems and their root causes from a structural standpoint; and naming race explicitly when talking about problems and solutions. These four focus areas will be the foundational framework for how we approach our work with you.

the name
Sandra Grace?

The name Sandra represents the mother of our founder and Grace represents her maternal grandmother.  Both women were fiercely independent and walked in the truth of their names.

Sandra was the Brave Defender of Mankind and Grace lived with Unmerited Favor. Clair started this company to honor and carry on the legacies of the two women who influenced her the most. 

Sandra Grace
Brave, Defender of Mankind with Unmerited Favor

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